Student Groups/Clubs

Student groups and clubs are a great way to find where you belong in the CHS social community and to find your niche among students with similar interests and goals. You’ll be able to meet new people, and you’ll really feel like you’re involved in CHS campus life.

High school clubs can benefit students in many ways.  They can: 

  • provide an environment to make and cultivate friendships
  • provide a path to leadership within an organization
  • provide an opportunity to try new things
  • provide a structure to start your own club
  • provide a signal to colleges about what you are interested in

It is also important to get involved in your high school community for the sake of your college applications.  Colleges want to see that perspective students are well-rounded and able to handle multiple responsibilities at once throughout high school, and extracurricular involvement is a sure sign of both.

As you may know, there is room for 10 Extracurricular Activities on the Common Application. Especially at the more competitive colleges, this is the section that colleges look at to get more insight into who you are and who you will be as a student at the college level. And remember, when college admissions look at this information, most will appreciate the depth of engagement, participation, and leadership over the absolute number of clubs you are involved with. 

Croatan High School 2022-2023 Club Overviews
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